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About Us

Ecyclex has been in close contact with different authorities in the UAE aiming to understand their needs and to support the UAE government’s environmental and sustainability vision. After the success of the government approved facilities in Dubai and Sharjah, in 2021, Ecyclex opened a new recycling facility in Abu Dhabi and it is the first and only authorized WEEE recycling facility to serve the capital of the UAE. 


In order to meet clients’ needs Ecyclex has been working hand in hand with them to provide the best service covering the widest scope of materials for recycling and end-to-end solution that covers the whole logistics process from clients to manufactures or processors, while maintaining clients’ privacy and data protection.


In addition to that, Ecyclex has given more attention to serve local communities by developing the ReLoop app where recyclables can be collected from individuals from the comfort of their homes. The ReLoop app allows consumers to transparently track the wide range of acceptable recyclables and accordingly quantify the impact they make on the environment by diverting wastes from landfill.

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